People have been contacting me online and calling in on the podcast to ask how they, too, can start making music, demos, and legit Youtube videos, and so forth. But… they don’t have the budget to start.

So I hope this helps.

You can start on the right track by getting an affordable condenser mic to be able to record quality audio.

The mic I currently use is less than 35 USD (1,800 PHP approx.). The reviews for this mic are decent. My take on it is to get the best mic possible for the lowest price. So if you think like me, and want to get a decent mic, but not break the bank… this mic should do it.

Not only does this mic do the job well, I love how upon purchase, it includes a pop filter, desk clamps, arm stand, XLR cable, etc. Usually, you’d have to buy all those separately.

This mic is a condenser mic, so it needs power. If you go straight into you’re computer jack for audio, you will need to make sure that your laptop is plugged in. If you’re laptop is an up to date MAC, you should already have garage band installed. The software will detect immediately that you have a mic connected, and you should be ready to go.

Below are the links of where you can purchase this mic and it’s included accessories:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2okOEfd

eBay (without the desk scissor arm stand): https://goo.gl/5RKkq8

If you want higher quality audio, below I have included a link to an affordable alternative to an audio interface. For those that have researched recording, a condenser mic uses technology that requires electricity to translate audio waves to your recording software. Without going into much detail, know that an audio interface will help with that. The link I provided is for an audio interface that includes a bundle XLR cable and headphones. This price is the exact same price without the bundle.

Amazon (Audio Interface Pick): http://amzn.to/2oBfeg6

eBay (Audio Interface Pick): https://goo.gl/eOTayo

Thank you, and hope this helps you get started on your dreams.



PS: Here’s a link of me actually using this mic, along with the audio interface I mention above.



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