Lorenzana Patis

In the past few weeks, the Lorenzana clan has been coming together for mini reunions. We mourned the passing of one of our grandparents, and celebrated birthdays, and recently, a despedida of one of my cousins. These reunions have brought up a lot of interesting questions about the origins of the Lorenzana name.

What we do know is that the Lorezana last name belongs to one lineage, one bloodline, or one family tree. This means, if you carry the Lorenzana last name, we are most likely relatives.

Like many Filipinos, our family originated from the Spanish Christians who came to the Philippines. Apparently, our relative was a sort of a priest whom had a family here. After his stay in the Philippines, he ended up settling down in Argentina. Facebook shows that when you search Lorenzana, a majority of the searches will give results from either the Philippines or Argentina, proving this theory. Now I know have cousins whom are Argentinean. How cool is that?

Of course, we get many questions about the “Patis” and the Lorenzana Food Corporation… yes that’s the same family. My Dad’s uncle owns that business. And from what I understand, Lorenzana Patis is now called, Lorin’s Patis. If you see the fine print below the logo of that brand, it does say Lorenzana Food Corporation. So a big shout out to our relatives who keep that business alive!

But that’s not the only thing Lorenzana.

There are many Lorenzanas I am very proud to be related to. It is no wonder I feel so at home when I perform, because we come from a lineage of performers, artists, and public speakers.

From my Tita Joanne who was a famous singer in the 80s and 90s, to my Tito Craig who is an award winning songwriter and performer, to my cousin Matt who is an award winning film maker, to my Tita Dada who was a newscaster, to my Tito Delfin who’s in politics, to my Ninong Noel who use to head TV5, to a relative who works for the Simpsons TV show…

And the list just goes on…

But I think the most interesting find during one of our latest reunions, was learning that my great great grandfather, Jose Lorenzana, was a delegate and signatory on the 1935 Philippine constitution. This means, he was one of the people whom read, looked over, and approved what would be the common laws in which the Philippine people abide to today. That must have been a great honor for him. I heard that he continued on in politics after that historic moment, and was a proud representative of Illocos.

One of the coolest things though, is that the whole family thinks he looked exactly like me. Not only that… but we both have matching tattoos, on the same exact spots on our left arms.

A coincidence or maybe fate; but I believe more now, that I was put here on earth to do something great.

Lolo, if you read this from heaven, I am so proud of you!


ABS-CBN did a story about this here.



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