If you could pick any decade to be alive in, in regards to what music era would be your favorite- which decade would you pick? Janjay and I were asked this question recently in an interview with Billboard Philippines. We both agreed that it would be the 1990’s.

One of the most amazing discoveries of this era was the R&B group, SWV – Sisters With Voices, and their hit song, “Weak”. This 90’s masterpiece is still a huge favorite all around the world- in bars, on the dance floor, and on the mic, being sung by cover bands at gigs, and singers on the internet, and at open mics.

Here in the Philippines, this song never left our general music playlist. It’s still widely heard on the radio, and it is no wonder throwback concerts with SWV are still huge successes here.

With the music industry growing by day with an abundant amount of choices and avenues for music to be showcased and heard – it actually gets really difficult to be a music artist, to be noticed; being easily drowned out by the many choices consumers have at their fingertips. So it was such a great surprise, when the people we thought would less likely be our audience, end up giving us their undivided attention… SWV.

RJ Dela Fuente, Janjay Coquilla, and myself, Guji Lorenzana, have been in this industry for a few years now. I’ve been in this business, professionally working, since 2006. We did our share of singing contests, like American Idol, and The Voice. RJ and I are both products of the two. We are individually working in our respected fields within the music industry and in show business. RJ is a signed recording artist, Janjay an entrepreneur, singer, and music producer, while I am an actor and recording artist. We all gig separately and support each other’s shows. So it was only a matter of time that we’d do something together as friends… as a group… And the result was “Weak”.

On the morning of Mother’s Day, I woke up to several messages that SWV showed us love for doing a cover of their hit song Weak! Check out the message and share below. We were more than proud and happy that the inspiration of this cover song noticed what we created. It only inspires us more to make music together.

Some of the comments include:

“You guys did a remarkable job.”

“That’s gotta b a dope feeling to see other cultures rockin ur art!”

“They’re Filipinos!!! Your song is an anthem for us!!!”

Thank you SWV, Lelee Lyons, Coko Clemons, Taj George, and those involved in the masterpiece called, “Weak”. This beautiful song has touched many people, including the music loving people of the Philippines… and these 3 Filipino artists, most especially. We are really happy you guys liked our cover.

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