Originals Only Night

I don’t believe OPM is dying, but I do believe that the amount of venues available to showcase Original Pilipino Music is. OPM is a music that encompasses a variety of sounds. We have hiphop and R&B OPM, Pop OPM, Dance OPM, Jazz OPM, as well as alternative and rock OPM, just to name a few. OPM is a colorful, and diverse music… yet the venues available to perform these songs are limited. Sure, we have our indie scene, and the venues are welcoming and crowds diverse… but a lot of the other OPM genres are seldom represented.

So I decided to put something together with my friends- a night where all types of OPM can have a place to shine… Originals Only. It’s a once a month gig, usually on the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month, at Upperhouse (above Brewery at The Palace in BGC).


Our last performers included Dane Hipolito, Roy Antonio, Angela Tinimbang, EJ De Perio, and myself.  We were able to share our original compositions to a welcoming audience. Some of us had record deals, and some were just starting out. It was a great way to connect to others in the industry, and gather support for OPM.

It’s still in it’s infancy stages, but your support would be appreciated. Our next one is on January 16th, 2018. The full line up is to be announced. Hope to see you there.

Here’s a video of me doing on of my originals. Hope you like it.




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