Oo as Seen/z on MTVph

I founded Oo (Originals Only) late last year, when I saw a lack of support in the industry for all types of OPM (Original Pilipino Music). I noticed that the independent music scene in Manila was full of life, and that OPM had much more to offer than the music Filipino’s were use to hearing and seeing on TV and radio. OPM is diverse and vibrant!

So Why Oo?

Here’s a peek at the April 25th Oo on Seen/z.
Thank you to our official TV sponsor, MTVph!

Catch an Oo event every month!

About OO:
OO is an event that celebrates the diversity of OPM. OPM is not dead and very much alive in the indie scene. Mainstream media, and the establishments seldom celebrate the sub genres of our beautiful music. But OO provides a supportive community for all of it’s artists and music.


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